Are Churches Filled With Hypocrites?

Bruce Atchison in the bathroom mirrorMost non Christian people assume that there’s nothing but hypocrites in churches. To them, Christians go to Sunday services in order to feel superior to those who don’t go. Is it fair of non believers to characterize all followers of Christ that way?

People tend to generalize, assuming all members of a specific group are like the few individuals they met. This happens particularly with Christians. Because there are phoney’s among church congregations, people assume all Christians are that way.

False Christians and genuine believers in Christ are radically different. The first adorn themselves with the outward customs of their church. The second group love Jesus and want to tell everybody how his sacrifice on the cross freed them from sin.

These two groups are distinguished by their actions. Phoney’s love to show how “holy” they are. They, like the Pharisees in Christ’s time, love to make long public prayers and show how much money they give to charities.

Genuine followers of Christ are too busy helping others and studying God’s Word to show off. Furthermore, they have genuine concern for less-fortunate people. Their actions aren’t for show and neither do they go around proclaiming every good deed they’ve done. Those who assume that all Christians are hypocrites need to meet real followers of Christ.

Sadly, nobody warned me about cults like the church I joined for fifteen and a half years. How I Was Razed shows the way God led me out of that wicked congregation and to a true knowledge of himself. Contact me regarding this wondrous memoir of deliverance from deceit.


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I'm a legally-blind freelance writer as well as the author of three memoirs and scores of articles. Contact me for details.

4 thoughts on “Are Churches Filled With Hypocrites?”

  1. Love this post! Most churches can be considered cults now days. They only tickle the ears of the people. People are there to feed their ego of “im a good person”. It’s filled with brainwashing lies. Praise God that he woke me up and let me out of that cult of a church! We ARE the church not a building. We should be out and about doing God’s business instead of warming a pew to feed our ego.

    1. Thanks for your gracious comment. It truly is sad that many churches resemble cabarets rather than houses of worship. The songs are inane and the preaching is like a “feel good” coach message. Few congregations want the meat of the scriptures. While candy floss tastes sweet, there’s zero nourishment in it. Shame on pastors who figure they must conform to the world to bring in more congregants. They will suffer a stricter punishment since they are teaching for doctrines the doctrines of men. It’s high time that the gospel is proclaimed, not psychobabble. Amos 5:20 sums up God’s opinion of what people are doing in many churches today.

  2. Things haven’t changed much from the first century when Christ threw out the money changers in the temple. In my article, I wrote about the two kinds of Christians. What a shame the tares get seen but the wheat is ignored by the world.

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