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A remark from a senior last month has started me thinking about branching out into a new career. The lady complemented me on how good my voice sounded over the phone. I’ve been reminding members of the New Horizons Seniors Club of upcoming excursions for more than a year now but I recently gained access to the entire phone list. That’s how this woman found out how good my voice sounded over the phone.

I’ve had other complements in the past regarding my voice. I came home one day in 1987 to a message on my answering machine. “Yes, I must have got the wrong number,” a woman said on the message tape, “but boy do you ever have a nice voice.” I loved that so much that I included it and other recordings on the tape into an electronic music piece called “Late Night Call Back”  in 2003.

Because of my voice, I was allowed to answer the phones at Transport Canada’s Airports Branch. Most of the sight-intensive chores I once did were prohibited by my boss because of the hemorrhage I had in my left eye in 1988. So it fell to me to answer the phones, especially when everybody else was attending meetings. I found out later that a number of people asked the women in my office who that man was with the lovely voice.

My supervisor also paid for me to go on a telephone answering course. I learned a lot and it helped me make Transport Canada a nicer government department to contact, at least I hope so. Nobody complained so I must have been answering calls correctly.

Though I volunteer to call the New Horizons seniors, these comments are giving me hope that I might be paid for calling people. Telephone soliciting is definitely not what I want to do but I might be able to be employed to remind people to vote and to tell them where their polling station is. Since there was too much visual work in broadcasting, I had to give up that dream. Maybe I can work from home while being paid for speaking on the phone.

While being on permanent disability, I’ve written scores of freelance articles and three paperbacks. The first two are featured on my Bruce Atchison’s Books page. My most recent book is available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Powell’s Books.


Author: bruce Atchison - author

I'm a legally-blind freelance writer as well as the author of three memoirs and scores of articles. Contact me for details.


  1. If you can work away from home, you might want to consider offering your services to businesses that need people to answer their phones. Nursing homes don’t always have people to answer phones and page residents and staff members who have phone calls. At the facility where I worked,, we all had to do this, especially on weekends. If they had volunteers to do this after hours, it would make life easier for residents, staff, and family members who are trying to contact their loved ones living in the facility.

  2. Or, you could, you know, host and facilitate webinars. i’ve been maestro.com trained but have yet to host a call by myself. yet its really simple software if you are good hosting meetings and things like that …. Hmmmm, what else … You blog, what about a iNet radio show? I’ve done blog talk radio since, oh, i don’t know, i know it was close to when they first started.

    1. Those are great ideas, Nicole. I’ve pondered doing my own program on BlogTalk Radio called Speaking With Seniors. I’d like to ask senior citizens about their childhood and what they did as adults. It would be especially nice to ask them about pranks they pulled and funny things which happened in their lives.

      Now that I have Skype, I could host a webinar too. Thanks again for all the great ideas.

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