Right About Islam; Wrong About The Beast

Brother H

Have you noticed the growth of militant Islamic organizations over the decades? Up until recently, we never heard of groups like Boko Haram, Hamas, or the Taliban. Before September 11, 2001, Islamic terrorism was an “over there” sort of problem.

As I pointed out in my How I Was Razed memoir, The minister claimed that Islam , not communism, was the great red dragon mentioned in The Revelation of John the Divine, the last book in The Holy Bible. He made that declaration in 1979 during the Iranian revolution.

More than thirty-five years later, I find that he was right about the rise of Islamic militancy but wrong about the dragon. The Islamist forces are gaining power in many countries around the world.  Sharia law is being enforced in many Middle East countries, thanks to the “Arab spring” of the past few years. In western European countries, Muslims are exerting pressure on governments to set up Sharia courts, ostensibly for their people. Calls for this have even been made in Canada.

A recent Newsmax.com article describes how Muslim immigration poses a danger to American retirees and to health care. Another article published at World Net Daily. warns of “no go” zones coming to America. These and many other articles warn of detrimental changes coming to our society as a result of non-assimilation of Muslims.

Where I disagree with that minister is in regard to his notion that Islam is the great red dragon mentioned in the twelfth chapter of Revelation. From the context, and understanding that the letter was written to seven churches in Asia, I can tell that the reference is in fact to Satan trying to destroy Christ at his birth. I’m convince by teachers such as Hank Hanegraaff that the books of the Bible were written to the people of the ages when they were penned, not for twenty-first century Christians. Only the return of Christ hasn’t happened yet.

Thanks to that rogue minister, I feared the coming of tribulation and the mark of the beast. Now I know that whatever happens, God will look after us and we need not fret about the future. Please check out How I Was Razed: A Journey from Cultism to Christianity< and see how wonderfully the heavenly father led me into his truth.


Author: bruce Atchison - author

I'm a legally-blind freelance writer as well as the author of three memoirs and scores of articles. Contact me for details.

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