ImageOne sad fact about fame is that it isolates celebrities from their fans. The more famous the person, the more secluded they need to become. Stories are legion regarding crazy people doing outlandish things in order to see their favourite personalities. As a result, celebrities need to hire guards to protect themselves and their privacy. Only when they appear at public events can their fans catch a glimpse of them.

The most famous individual I’ve met was John Levene. He played Sergeant Benton in the BBC science fiction TV series Doctor Who. In July of 1988, the local Doctor Who fan club held a conference in downtown Edmonton. It was a weekend filled with¬† all sorts of convention-style fun. John Levene was the main attraction.

On that Saturday afternoon when John was scheduled to speak, I brought my PXL2000 camcorder to the venue. After making videos of the Doctor Who memorabilia and a cake in the shape of a Dalek, I sat in the convention room with the rest of the fans and waited for John to appear.

After the Doctor Who theme song played, John sat on a tall stool and told us about his acting career. Afterward, he asked for questions. I saw my chance to ask about something which I wondered about for years. “Where did the music for the Doctor Who shows come from?” I asked when John acknowledged my raised hand.

“You know, nobody’s ever asked me that before,” he admitted. Then he explained about the BBC’s recording library and how they had their own music for their productions. I felt disappointed at his reply. I had hoped some of my electronic works might be suitable for the series.

After John gave his talk, he posed for photos. As a photographer took my picture, I put the camcorder up to John’s face. “That’s a real close up,” I joked. Then John autographed the photo with a silver pen.

Along with video and photographic mementos, I bought 3 T shirts. I still have them and wear them with pride today. I also have the memories of that special occasion when I met a TV star in person.

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I'm a legally-blind freelance writer as well as the author of three memoirs and scores of articles. Contact me for details.

2 thoughts on “HAVE YOU EVER MET A TV STAR?”

  1. Thanks for this fantastic story. The most famous person I’ve met from the world of Doctor Who was Tom Baker. In 1979 he undertook two promotional tours to Australia on behalf of the ABC, the long-time broadcaster of Who here. Tom appeared at a suburban shopping complex in Sydney called Roselands. Aged only 15 or 16 at the time and overwhelmed by teenage hysteria, I jumped onto the stage of the Raindrop Fountain and kissed Tom on the cheek. My sister joined me and kissed the other cheek. To this day I can’t believe I had the nerve to do it!

    I’m presently undertaking the ultimate Doctor Who marathon in which I watch every episode broadcast, in chronological order, and then blog about it. You can check out my blog at http://doctorwhomindrobber.wordpress.com/

    1. What an honour it must have been to meet Tom Baker. He did a great job as Doctor Who #4. I’ll have to check out your blog and subscribe to it. Being such a Doctor Who fan, I enjoy hearing more about the show. Beside that, I don’t know any local friends who love Doctor Who.

      By the way, what is your favourite opponent or opponents of the Doctor? I love the Daleks. They’re the ultimate in implacable evil.

      Do you have that record or CD of The Timelords called Doctoring The TARDIS? I have the record and really enjoy it.

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