ImageI’m astonished that it’s still an issue. Certain atheists become offended  at symbols depicting the birth of Christ. Instead of making their case for atheism, they go on hateful harangues about the supposed separation of church and state. Some even demand that Santa and Christmas trees are offensive since they supposedly promote the Christian religion.

I read a comment from an agnostic recently in regard to banning depictions of Christ’s birth. He was even offended by this small-but-vocal minority. I’ve also heard members of other faiths say on call-in shows that they weren’t at all offended by people wishing them a merry Christmas. This tells me that the problem isn’t the season or the birth of the Saviour but selfish hatred that is at the heart of the issue.

These Scrooge-like people are wearing out their welcome, from what I can tell by public comments about their efforts to eradicate Christmas. If they insist on others not displaying their faith on public property or honouring the origins of the holiday, why don’t they work next Tuesday and not accept time-and-a-half for their labour. Those atheist complainers should shut up and leave people of faith to exercise it. Schools teach evolution and secular radio stations such as the CBC and NPR have atheistic science programs. Isn’t that enough anti-faith promotion for these people?

Though I don’t personally decorate my home and attend the local Christmas play, I don’t try to stop others who do both those things. People who are easily offended by somebody wishing them a merry Christmas should take a chill pill and wish others a happy holiday.

I haven’t addressed the banning of Christmas in my memoirs but I did turn my back on God for 9 years. I didn’t protest overtly Christian symbols but I did give up the activities of the season. My new How I Was Razed: A Journey from Cultism To Christianity memoir details how God lead me out of a cultic house church and eventually to a correct knowledge of himself. This paperback is available from Virtual Bookworm. Electronic versions are available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


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I'm a legally-blind freelance writer as well as the author of three memoirs and scores of articles. Contact me for details.

11 thoughts on “HERE WE GO AGAIN.”

  1. Although just to expand my comment, “Schools teach evolution and secular radio stations such as the CBC and NPR have atheistic science programs. Isn’t that enough anti-faith promotion for these people?” is a very upsetting thing to read. You make a rational post which is only lessened by your implication that the teaching evolution is in ANY way based on religious conviction. Your choice to refer to science which does not adhere to the principles of young Earth creationism as “atheistic science” is also very alarming. Many religious people find it perfectly comfortable to believe in evolution + in real science and would be offended by you calling these proven theories “atheistic science”. You don’t have to be a young Earth creationist to be religious!!

    1. Thanks for the idea for a future blog post. Evolution and Christianity can’t be reconciled because evolution teaches that there was no supernatural creation of the universe. This is one of those light switch situations. Either the natural world happened without a cause or it was made by an uncaused first cause. Thanks for your feedback anyway.

  2. I was enjoying your post till I realized you clearly do not understand that atheism is not a religion, and that science claims no religious affiliation. It’s like says you hate Islamic math…no such thing.

    1. Evolution is a religion in that adherents place their faith in chance. Darwin’s theory is being rapidly disproved by empirical evidence, such as the Cambrian explosion. Furthermore, scientists who express doubts are treated like blasphemers by certain universities. Evolutionists generally make statements about scientific discoveries that show their belief that evolution is a proven fact.Rather than follow where the evidence leades, most scients approach the natural world with a preconceived notion of what they expect to find.

  3. “Evolution and Christianity can’t be reconciled because evolution teaches that there was no supernatural creation of the universe.”

    The theory of evolution has literally nothing whatsoever to do with creation. You’re thinking of abiogenesis. Both CAN be reconciled into Christianity by assuming that God has caused the Big Bang or whatever. Here’s an example, please check out this site:

    Even if they can’t be reconciled into Christianity, that’s no reason to choose Christianity over science.

  4. Creationists are all the same. You are like all the other ones. All of your arguments are the same + all of your digs against ‘science’ are the same. Why? Because you submerge yourself in the same reading material.

    The solution to creationism is education, since education leads away from creationism. I have read every source I could find on creationism, and considered it as best I could with an open mind. But I’ve also read almost every source I’ve found on science (there’s too many to read all of the ones I’ve come across) and every creationist claim has literally been disputed completely. The creationist arguments are weak and rely on misinformation. I’ve seen creationism websites even claim that scientists are trying to hide the fact evolution is a theory. All this shows is the creationist misunderstanding of what ‘theory’ means; it simply means ‘something that describes how something happens’ as opposed to a law (‘something that describes what happens’). It does not mean ‘theory’ as in ‘wild guesswork with no evidence’. Of course as you are aware, evolution has been proven, it is now taught in schools all around the world and the people who believe evolution is false are not treated seriously. You will have to just learn to accept this since this is the way things (rightly) are. In the same way the flat earth theory is not taught in classrooms and any school teaching it as fact should absolutely be shut down.

    1. No, the solution to evolution is education. When unbiassly examined, evolution has more holes in it than creationism seems to have to you. Of course not all creationists have the same theories. Young earth proponents don’t adequately explain the age of the earth. They also misread Genesis chapter 1. It’s intended to give its hearers and readers an understanding of the hierarchy of God’s creative work in a memorable way. Hank Hanegraaff has given a credible explanation of this in his Creation Answer Book. I suggest you check it out at and weigh his argument in a scholarly way.

  5. My patience + willingness to spend my time reading such material has wavered as I’ve read more of it and still found it to contain nothing truly insightful. I may check out that book in the future but at the moment I am happily reading some atheist literature.


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