ImageI sure wish people would stop treating rabbits as if they had no minds and emotions. Gideon, my first house bunny, taught me many astonishing things during the seven and a half years he lived with me. As a tribute to my fur-clad companion, I wrote When a Man Loves a Rabbit. Below is an excerpt that shows how affectionate Gideon became toward me and how much I loved him.


All my friends at alt.pets.rabbits, EtherBun, HouseBun and PetBunny said that the dominant rabbits present their heads for grooming by the submissive ones. Since Gideon and I were such close friends, I decided to try it out. I’d just had my semi-annual haircut and I knew that my short hair wouldn’t be much of a problem for him to lick.

Taking a break from writing, I stretched out in the hallway and Gideon hopped onto my back. Those little feet of his felt funny as he moved around while he hoovered me, and I tried hard not to laugh and frighten him off. Finally, he hopped over to my head and started licking. He did that for about ten minutes before taking off in search of new mischief.

For a week or so, Gideon would groom my hair while he sat on his brick. All I had to do was lay on the floor and he would start licking enthusiastically. It was hard to get that shot of the grooming session on video, yet I somehow managed.

Once my hair started to grow, he lost interest?even when I shoved my head in his face. I tried to see if he’d be interested in licking my arms. He wasn’t. He did groom my pants on occasion, although he stopped washing my hair after the first few
months he was with me.


If you enjoyed this story, I’m sure you’ll love the rest of When a Man Loves a Rabbit. Please click on the Bruce Atchison’s books link at the top left of the page to discover more about this book.


Author: bruce Atchison - author

I'm a legally-blind freelance writer as well as the author of three memoirs and scores of articles. Contact me for details.


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