Throughout my life, a wide variety of Christians have admonished me not to be angry. Well-meaning fools continually counselled me to turn the other cheek and forgive those who insulted my beliefs. I now understand that we must ignore personal insults but we also must give an answer for what we believe and why we believe it to anybody who asks.

In my upcoming How I Was Razed memoir, I wrote about the time in 1980 when an article in the Edmonton Sun newspaper upset me so much that I wrote a rebuttal. It was tidied up by the editor, as I knew little of proper writing techniques back then, and published the next week. Here’s how not taking the advice of my fellow Christians actually paid off for me.


While reading The Edmonton Sun newspaper one September night at work, an article roused my zeal for the Lord. In it, a man charged with setting forest fires in British Columbia begged God to save him from a guilty verdict. His lawyer claimed that the prosecution could not present the police interview room recording containing his prayer as an admission of guilt because God was not a person.

As soon as I arrived home from work that morning, I penned a letter to the editor stating that God is indeed a person. The paper published it the next week.

“I read your letter in the Sun,” Brother H said after the Wednesday meeting. “I’m proud of you for standing up for God like that.”

I beamed with pride. Though I apparently lacked faith to be healed, I at least defended our Lord. Receiving praise from Brother H also broadened my smile.


In addition to freelance writing and my latest manuscript, I wrote two memoirs. When a Man Loves a Rabbit (Learning and Living With Bunnies) is the touching record of my house rabbits and the amazing things I learned about them when I let them roam free in my home. Deliverance From Jericho (Six Years in a Blind School) tells the story of my exile to Vancouver, five hundred miles from my home for months at a stretch, beginning when I was seven years old. In it, I chronicled what it was like in an age where governments rounded up disabled children and segregated them from their peers. Check out these books by clicking here.


Author: bruce Atchison - author

I'm a legally-blind freelance writer as well as the author of three memoirs and scores of articles. Contact me for details.

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